Live UX Design with Matt D. Smith 3/3

Join design director Matt D. Smith as he teaches us a new approach to human-centered design! Today, Matt puts the finishing touches on the Utopia app! On day 1 he created the home screen and on-boarding experience, on day 2 he created an activity flow for litter boxing and today he creates the user experience for finding a home! Tune in to find out how Matt develops useful prototypes for his clients!

Matt is the owner and design director at Studio MDs and creator of AIUX! AIUX is his approach to rapidly performing UX design in Adobe Illustrator CC.


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Recap: 2:50
How to create a scrolling list: 9:30
What are the best resources to learn UX design? 13:25
Work begins: 23:20
App within the app navigation method: 32:30
How to use headers are symbols: 53:45

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