Live UI/UX Design with Peter Deltondo – 2 of 3

Join creative director and designer Peter Deltondo on Adobe Live as he develops a fictional amusement park guide in Adobe XD 5.0! Today, Peter develops in-app experiences for multiple Disneyland rides and attractions! Stay tuned to learn how Peter presents information while maintaining a simple and dynamic design.

Peter is a Creative Director & UI/UX Product Designer. He has been honored to work with companies such as Facebook, GoFundMe, Toyota, Knott’s Berry Farm, Toshiba, Johnny Rockets, Baldwin, Broadcom, Upperquad, Ullu, VetIQ, GFore, Jim Carrey, Custom Comfort Mattress, Faithbox, Creative South & more.


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Intro: 1:40
Recap: 4:37
How to use drop shadows: 7:50
Where to find UI templates: 12:30
Demo: Live preview on the iPhone: 15:00
Work begins: 19:00
Hotkeys for opacity in XD: 34:00
The Golden Ratio Typography Calculator: 1:16:30

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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