Live UI/UX Design with Danielle Morimoto and Talin Wadsworth 2/3

Meet the designers of Adobe XD and watch as they utilize live feedback to shape the future of Adobe XD. In this episode Danielle (Experience Designer at Adobe) and Talin (Lead Designer for Adobe XD) compile user feedback and begin designing a new feature in Adobe XD. Last year they collaborated with a live audience to create a Styleguide. Today they’ll attempt to do the same and realize a brand new commenting feature. Listen closely for hints regarding future updates and protips.


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Link to “Project Loop”:

Introduction: 2:00
Uservoice forum & how to use it: 7:00
High-fidelity and low-fidelity work begins: 32:18
Design at the speed of thought: 33:55
UX Design Process with Clients: 1:18:00
Overview of the day’s work: 1:50:00

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