Live UI/UX Design with Aly Weir – 1 of 3

Join product and UX designer Aly Weir as she develops a fictional outdoor exploration app called “Earthling” in Adobe XD! Today, Aly will teach us her UI/UX design process by developing a fictional design brief that defines her target user, user case, branding and experience workflow. By the end of this segment, she will sketch ideas, wireframe and begin prototyping! Stick around to learn how Aly conceptualizes and creates the ‘happy path’ for ‘Earthling’ users.

Aly is a product and UX designer from Redwood City, CA! Currently, she makes financial products more accessible at Wealthfront.


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Intro: 2:40
How to approach problem solving: 12:20
“Earthling” creative brief: 16:55
Choosing an App name: 27:25
Sketching the wireframe in Adobe Sketch: 30:50
Work begins in Adobe XD: 46:25

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