Live UI/UX Design in Adobe XD with Mahdis Mousavi & Rolf Jensen 2/3

Watch Madhis Mousavi and Rolf Jensen collaborate LIVE in Adobe XD as they design and prototype mobile app & web experiences! Today they continue working on the beauty app (for both genders) called GlamBook by developing splash screens, categories and profiles! From design work to digital polishing, Madhis and Rolf teach us how to move from sketches to low-fidelity prototypes.

Based in New York, this duo flawlessly translates human interactions into engaging visual experiences. If you want to learn how talented UI Designers master Adobe XD to communicate their ideas, stay tuned!


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Intro: 1:00
Sketch begins: 6:30
How to collaborate with icons: 31:30
How to use gradients in Adobe XD: 1:23:30
How to create a ‘pin’ symbol’: 1:37:30
Overview of UI experience: 1:41:20

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