Live Photography with Tiny Atlas Quarterly & Tyson Wheatley – 2 of 3

Want to learn how to tell your story through a series of beautiful images? Join Photographer Tyson Wheatley & Tiny Atlas Quarterly on Adobe Live to learn how. Today, Tyson focuses on landscape photography and teaches us how to edit with natural colors in Lightroom CC.

Tyson is a photographer, director and strategist with a decade of experience working in social media and journalism. He spent 11 years at CNN where he launched/ran major global journalism projects and is the co-founder of Hong Kong’s first ever InstaMeet! His past clients include General Electric, Ray Ban, Ford Motor Co, Bloomingdales, Travel Alberta, The Canadian Tourism Commission, and Hong Kong Tourism Board and many more.

Tiny Atlas Quarterly shares the perspective of travel photographers through rich, beautiful stories that unfold through a series of images. Helmed by Emily Nathan and Deb Hearey, it is both a magazine attached to a production company and a creative agency connected to a global community of travelers and photographers. Check our their hashtag #mytinyatlas on Instagram!


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Intro: 1:55
Projects by Tyson for Tiny Atlas Quarterly: 3:10
Basic photography tips: 16:50
When to get model releases: 32:10
Editing begins: 35:48
Editing portraits: 55:00

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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