MAX Chats | Photography On-the-Go using Lightroom Mobile

Learn how to create and share stunning pictures with the Lightroom mobile app.

Join professional photographers Aaron Bernstein and Aundre Larrow, who will introduce you to all mobile has to offer.

Join the broadcast and live chat on Behance to:
– Learn how to take the best shot with your phone directly in Lightroom mobile
– Edit a photo on your phone by adjusting light, colors, and sharpness
– Create presets out of your edits to share with the community, or download presets to apply to your own photos
– Get inspired and learn from professional photographers right in the app


00:00 Start
02:00 Intro
06:15 How Aaron transitioned into his Hungry Boy presence
09:20 Getting into photography, with lighting and color
13:10 Opening Lightroom on the iPad
20:20 Locating the Lightroom Tutorials
22:30 exploring the tools in Lightroom mobile UI
30:20 The Camera in Lightroom iPhone mobile
36:15 Exploring Lightroom iPhone settings for Brightness, Dimness and Aspect Ratio
42:30 Using the Curves settings
46:30 Using Keywords in Lightroom
50:50 Color Grading



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