Live Lettering with Will Paterson 3 of 3

Join logo designer and hand lettering artist Will paterson as he leverages his typography and design skills to develop a beautiful logo design! Today Will completely reworks his logotype design from day one, sketching it in Photoshop Sketch before vectorizing it in Illustrator CC! Over the course of two hours, Will will teach us how to build a finished logotype design in Adobe Illustrator! Stay tuned for color, kerning and spacing pro tips!

You probably recognize Will from YouTube & Instagram, as he is best known for his logotype designs and beautiful lettering projects. He is also the author of ‘Calligraphy in 15!’


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Recap: 3:00
Work begins: 6:30
Working in Illustrator: 18:20
Balancing the logo: 1:25:15
Final work: 1:49:30

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