Live Lettering with Stefan Kunz 2 of 3

Join hand lettering artist Stefan Kunz as he draws words and inspires you to create something new! Today, Stefan sets up a photoshoot to snap pictures of peppers, chips and salsa before editing the objects in Lightroom and Photoshop CC! Stick around to learn how Stefan plays with objects as the building blocks his “spice up your life” lettering project!

Stefan is a hand lettering artist best known for his clean and innovative wordscapes. You probably recognize his iconic designs from YouTube and Instagram!


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Overview: 4:02
Setting up Stefan’s camera: 7:00
Setting up the shot: 12:15
Tethering the camera: 14:00
Test shots and adding more lights: 15:00
Methods for photographing objects: 29:55
Editing in Lightroom Classic using adjustment brushes: 53:00
How to cut out objects in Photoshop: 1:24:30

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