Live Lettering with Jill De Haan 3 of 3

Join illustrator and hand lettering artist Jill DeHaan as she creates quirky lettering illustrations! Today, Jill and Kathleen begin by creating a new font in Fontself using AdobeLive community contest submissions from day 1! Afterward, Jill illustrates the phrase “Kidz Theze Dayz” in 4 separate styles to demonstrate how style impacts the final result. Finally, Jill turns to acrylic paint to gradient paint the name “Kathleen!” Stick around to watch Jill complete beautiful lettering projects and listen for pro tips along the way!

Jill is an illustrator and hand lettering artist represented by Snyder New York. She is best known for her quirky hand lettering projects and unquenchable taste for prunes. Her past clients include: Papyrus, Lululemon, America Greetings and more!


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Recap: 2:00
How to make a font in FontSelf: 5:40
Lettering begins: 12:20
Tracing the lines: 24:50
New design idea: 56:44
Starting a traditional lettering: 1:15:00
Tips for agents and growing a brand: 1:40:00
Recap of the day: 1:51:45

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