Live Lettering with Becca Clason 2 of 3

Join dimensional lettering artist Becca Clason as she breathes life into her candy-lettering project “Play!” Today, Becca puts the finishing touches on her vibrant illustration before shooting stop motion pictures and animating them in After Effects! If you want to learn how Becca turns candy into a viral lettering animation, stay tuned!

Becca is a dimensional lettering and stop motions artist best known for her work with ad agencies to create social media videos and TV commercials. Her past clients include: Starbucks, American Express, Target, Kellogg’s, Twitter, Tumblr & more!


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Recap of part 1: 1:12
Checking the shot and adding more candy: 6:00
Different approaches for animation: 35:50
Taking photos: 48:40
Planning the main animation: 1:21:35
Playback of stop motion animation: 1:44:40
Editing in AfterEffects: 1:49:30

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