Live Hand Lettering with Ana Gómez Bernaus – 2 of 3

Join Illustrator and Lettering Artist Ana Gómez Bernaus on Adobe Live as she creates modular, dimensional and 3D lettering in Illustrator and Photoshop CC! Today, Anna creates dimensional lettering using symmetry and blending techniques!

Ana Gómez Bernaus is an illustrator and lettering artist currently based in Los Angeles.


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Intro: 4:20
Work begins: 5:45
Apply shapes to path: 12:30
Color variation with the blend tool: 17:30
Creating a pattern for a new letter: 31:30
Adding shadows: 44:05
Designing the next letter: 49:20
Recap: 1:21:00

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie



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