Live Graphic Design with Véronique Lafortune & Emile Lord Ayotte – 3 of 3

Join graphic designers Véronique Lafortune and Emile Lord Ayotte on Adobe Live as they develop the brand identity for a real swimwear company called Monicano. Today, they will create mock-ups and put together a presentation for the Monicano brand. Stay tuned to learn how they will present this work to potential clients!

Véronique and Emile work at Le Billyclub in Montreal as graphic designers. Véronique is a graphic designer & art director and Emile is a graphic designer & visual communication designer!


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Recap: 2:20
Work begins: 31:15
Review of the brand & mock-ups: 1:42:22

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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