Live Graphic Design with Nicte Cuevas – 2 of 3

Join graphic designer Nicte Cuevas on Adobe Live as she develops three fictional brand identities in three days! Today, Nicte will finish the “loftbeez” logo from yesterday before creating a website for the brand in Spark Page. After finishing the “loftbeez” project she will begin designing the brand personality and logo for a cooking class that aims to bring families together. Stay tuned to learn the ins and outs of branding and identity.

Nicte is a graphic designer with over 14 years of experience developing successful design strategies for both small businesses and large corporations. Prior to founding Nicte Creative Design LLC in 2011, she was an in-house designer for several companies including The Houston Zoo!


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Improving the logo: 5:35
Finding the right imagery: 17:20
How to use Adobe Spark: 21:36
Adding a brand template: 33:40
How to use spark on your smartphone: 56:35
Working on a logo for a new brand: 1:20:20

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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