Live Graphic Design with Annie Hall – 2 of 3

Join graphic designer and photographer Annie Hall on Adobe Live as she designs the visual brand identity for a holographic music festival: Mars Music Festival! Today, Annie designs unique perspective visuals Illustrator before turning them into event posters. If you want to learn how to make posters, stay tuned!

Annie is a graphic designer and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah. With an appreciation for the quiet moments, Annie focuses on capturing and inspiring honesty in her work.


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How to use the pathfinder tool: 17:25
How to transform lines and shapes into guidelines: 18:15
CC Libraries tips & tricks: 37:38
How to use the Perspective tools in: 39:45
How to use the Shaper tool: 56:27
How to use the Shape Builder tool: 58:11
How to use the Curvature tool: 59:40
3d effects in Ai: 1:09:25
The Difference between Bleeds and Slugs: 1:17:38

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Music by Chillhop & Andrew Applepie


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