Live from AWWWARDS with Claire-Lise Bengué and Clive K. Lavery

LIVE from the Awwwards in Amsterdam! Join our XD Instructors Claire-Lise Bengué and Clive K. Lavery on Adobe Live as they highliht the top 5 features in Adobe XD any UX designer should check out.

Claire-Lise explores the transformation of text from paper to digital and has has worked in the digital publishing industry with magazines such as Marie-Claire and digital publishers such as Les éditions merveilleuses for many year. She has now made the move from art direction to UI to UX design. On the other hand, Clive is a UX Freelance with more than 10 years of experience helping leading digital agencies and in-house teams make their users and clients happy. He is currently exploring the impact of Voice and Sound Design on UX and thinking about how to use his skills for social good.

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