Live Editorial Design with Brett Newman 3 of 3

Join designer and art director Brett Newman as he conceptualizes and creates a photography-inspired magazine in InDesign. Today, he designs more feature pages before publishing ‘Assemblage’ online. From spreads to interview layouts featuring shots of Tyler the Creator and Cape Cod, you will learn how Brett mixes stunning photography and solid editorial design to create a professional print-ready magazine!

Brett is a designer and art director at Hybrid Design based in San Francisco. He specializes in print, graphic and editorial design and his past clients include: Nike, Museum of Acoustics & TED conferences.


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Intro: 2:00
Recap of what Brett’s done so far: 12:10
Font size tips: 28:30
How to add and use a gutter layer: 33:10
DPI settings for print: 50:45
Dragging, dropping and sorting multiple images: 59:30

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