How To Reprogram Your Subconscious Through Journaling

If you want to develop a new habit—be the best you and realize your potential, you have to learn how to reprogram your subconscious mind. Learn how to switch off “Auto-pilot” mode and act with greater intention. Dr. Nicole LePera recommends starting each day by using a Future Self Journal, where you imagine your life as if you’ve already achieved the results that you want. Why does this work? Your mind can’t tell the difference between reality and what you imagine vividly.

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Dr. Nicole LePera Journal:

The reason why many of us are stuck lives in the subconscious part of our brain.
Driving your car home and thinking about the argument you had with your boss, not thinking about the road while driving. It’s automatic. Then you are suddenly home. Your subconscious drove you home. 95% of our day is running on autopilot.

The Future Self Journal
A technique you can use to question the power of your subconscious so that you engage with the idea of changing it.
– it’s a daily practice
– you use the power of writing
– you can do your journaling in the morning

Autopilot will not make a new choice. The act of writing your intentions every morning helps increase the likelihood to practice this new habit. Writing as if it’s already true will harness the reality of our mind. The mind does not know if what you think is real or imagined. It’s the act of writing in Present Tense as if this change already happened.

The neuroplasticity of our brains i.e. the brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections throughout life is going to help you form some new networks. Do this at least 30 days. Note, it can take more than 30 days for some people. This is not a magic journal or a quick fix. It is a tool to create that repetitive consistent change.

Journaling Prompts
_I am grateful for…_
_3 traits of the Future Self…_
What is the Science behind the statement that you cannot tell the difference between reality and what it is imagined?
Our mind is an active process. All the neurons firing up and building neurosynaptic pathways.
The most fascinating research is called Mental Rehearsal.
They’ll have basketball players visualizing a free throw and the neurons are moving as if their arm is moving, even though the player’s arm did not move yet.

How can we overcome the fear of making mistakes
We all have a space from which our best decisions come that’s not actually coming from our minds at all. It is coming from our deeper, intuitive center that many of us have lost touch with.
– decrease the amount of time you are spending in your mind
– stop contemplating decisions
– do the deeper work and condition yourself from operating under your old believes about yourself that might have been real for you at that particular time and space they were born
– get comfortable with being uncomfortable
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