Live Editorial Design with Brett Newman 2 of 3

Join designer and art director Brett Newman as he conceptualizes and creates a photography-inspired magazine in InDesign. ‘Assemblage’ will celebrate photographers and their connection to the world around them by giving them a uniform voice with individualistic vibes. Today, Brett designs the pages & layout for each photographer. He’ll cover type, spacing, color and dig into the nitty-gritty of print design as he digs into feature pages. Stick around to learn how to create a professional print-ready magazine!

Brett is a designer and art director at Hybrid Design based in San Francisco. He specializes in print, graphic and editorial design and his past clients include: Nike, Museum of Acoustics & TED conferences.


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Overview & inspiration: 3:30
Work begins: 24:00
Using Adobe Capture for fonts: 28:10
How and why to add bleed to a document: 30:55
What is slug and how to use it: 34:00
How to use glyphs in InDesign: 50:50
Tips for font size and columns: 1:24:00
How to move an object from one layer to the next without copy & paste: 1:30:30

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