Liam Gillick – Big Conference Centre

Lecture date: 1998-03-06

‘However hard you try it’s always tomorrow. And now it’s here again. Across the other side of town trauma had overwhelmed personal exchange. Something self-willed and determined had cut through the dusk. Pain in a building. We all called it the Big Conference Centre. It probably had another name in honour of somebody seriously compromised, but to us it was just the Big Conference Centre.’

Liam Gillick presents a selection of his work, focusing on his book Big Conference Centre. Gillick operates as an artist, writer, critic, curator, and designer. His multi-layered work raises important practical and theoretical questions regarding the mode of production within artistic practice and the construction of social systems. Gillick problematizes institutionalized boundaries by occupying an array of intersections between such disciplines as art, design and architecture, and by testing the possibilities of collaborative practice across various fields. After graduating from Goldsmiths University in 1987, Gillick emerged as a key figure within the contemporary art scene of the 1990s. He has exhibited widely throughout Europe and America.



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