Leona Lynen on the Collaborative Urban Regeneration of Haus der Statistik

With the city of Berlin selling out more public property, the most vulnerable groups of Berliners are being pushed outside the inner city, endangering the influence the city’s creative culture that gives the city its identity. A prototypical concept of turning an unoccupied former administrative complex in the heart of Berlin into mixed-use, affordable housing is raising the bar for how we regenerate neighborhoods in ways that are equitable, sustainable and accessible to the local community. The project is coming to life through a collective effort of public actors and civic activists, and serves as a pilot project for how other cities can regenerate with their local communities in mind.

Leona Lynen is a Berlin-based city-maker and member of the ZUsammenKUNFT collective, advocating for cooperation between civil society and administration in order to co-create a different quality of the city. Leona has worked in Berlin and across continents as project lead, researcher and curator for several Goethe-Institutes, urban think tanks and the Federal Institute for Spatial Development.

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