Lecture: “Planning approaches — Traditional to Modern” by Shrish Jaswal and Prakriti Mehta

India – The region once comprised of several kingdoms, sultanates and empires. A region under British Colonial rule for 200 years, till independent India – possessing seventh largest land bank and is a second most populous nation today.

India historically has had a defensive planning approach (forts) following the principles of prospect and refuge. It has a self-sustaining planned city around a natural resource (Jodhpur). It followed a traditional vastu shashtra based and at the same time a scientific application of the study of the cosmos in its planning (Jaipur). It projected modern vision plans (Chandigarh) and an era of ideology-based planning (Auroville).

Today, the modern-day policies and reforms of participatory planning approaches (Smart City) have brought India on the world map. The planning approaches and practices have evolved from the way of living and have been put to use through the framework of urban governance and planning systems. The country, through all these years, pre and post-independence, has been following a bottom-up approach to attain socio-economic environmental sustainability, affordability, and inclusiveness in its cities.

The lecture will expose the audience to the complexity of issues, hierarchies, multi – institutionalized administrative setups, socio-cultural diversity, and instruments developed to tackle the challenges of planning for modern India. It shall highlight India’s strategic plans at various spatial and administrative scales to achieve inclusive and resilient cities.

Speakers Bio:
“UFO” is a group of four young architects from 4 different but distinct regions from India. The group started the collaboration in 2017 where they started conducting a series of workshops for students and professionals in Bombay (now Mumbai).

NEHA KORDE is an architect and is currently teaching as an Assistant Professor at her alma mater Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai. Neha has deep interest in exploring newer ways of learning – traditions, culture and architecture.

NISHANT MODI as an urban designer interested in analysing and designing collective spaces of the city and experiences. As an academician, assistant professor at Sir JJ college of architecture he has been able to share his sensitivity and knowledge across students.

SHRISH JAISWAL is a practicing architect with a keen interest in Urban Design. He believes in the inherent simplicities and the design processes that allows the maximum complexities of life scenarios to flourish, rather than imposing a certain design idea. He is currently teaching as an Assistant Professor at Sir JJ College of Architecture, Mumbai.

PRAKRITI MEHTA is a researcher, urban designer and has interests in energy efficiency and microclimatic design. Currently, as an academician at Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Balwant Sheth School of Architecture, Mumbai and as an Architect associate at M/s. Design Action Group, New Delhi, she has been able to bring theoretical knowledge about cities to practice.


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