Lars Spuybroek – The Sympathy of Things: Ruskin and the Ecology of Design

Lecture date: 2011-11-29

Lars Spuybroek will be talking about The Sympathy of Things, his recently published book on John Ruskin. He will discuss why Ruskin’s notion of the Gothic is a much better candidate for digital architecture than Deleuze’s Baroque Fold. Lars will advocate the return to Ruskin’s ‘vital’ beauty, while steering away from the Scrutonian call for harmony and ‘typical’ beauty. The lecture will be followed by a discussion with architecture critic Charles Jencks.

Lars Spuybroek is an architect/artist-pioneer of digital design. He has been a Professor of Architecture since 2001, and the last five years also the Distinguished Ventulett Chair of Architectural Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. His published books include NOX: Machining Architecture, The Architecture of Variation and Textile Tectonics.


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