Studio Project: an idea, a sketch, and a step-by-step

A simple concept drawn from the pattern of rain falling at the eave is transformed into a humble reinterpretation of the entry step.

The design solution for the entry step repurposed local granite “filler” pieces, which are extremely inexpensive ($59 ea) and durable. Two small pieces spaced apart 2″ work in concert to form a single step. The spacing corresponds with the drip line of the eave and prevents splash back on the glazed entrance doors.

The selected granite slabs match the muted material palette. and The river rock bedding – as in Japanese garden design – signifies water, which is a metaphorical tie to the original concept which called for a water feature at the front entry to reflect light to the interior. The budget required a rethinking of this water feature in favor of a much less expensive reference to the original concept.

Please watch: “Inside My Sketchbook + An Architect’s Sketching Tools”



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