Landscape On Trial – Catherine Mosbach

“Landscape on Trial” will develop main concerns about landscape shapes.

The movement of understanding—tactile, tentative, anxious—leads us to an exploration of the sedimentation of forms in an experimental mode.

The images that we are proposing here is more of the nature of image as material, a neither-here-nor-there, between fabrications that precede it and processes that extend beyond it.

Their visibility requires that the interwoven layers of several time-spans be shown: the short-span of production which threads and commands the taking of form; the long-span of accumulation which transforms everything even as it perpetrates its memory.

Working on the form of a space means working on the issues that run through it, it means opening up the critical space needed to evaluate them.

The work of configuration consists in putting this difference in place, not in presenting it as yet another ‘object’ (an anecdote), but on the contrary arranging it around us, more effectively configuring it so that it has an impact on us…and open up new horizons.


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