Kin – an imaginary safe space for queer life in Singapore

For those living in intolerant environments, and who lack the resources to obtain other housing, a safe space is a fragile idea. Through the narratives of three individuals, this hybrid documentary film by Charmaine Poh is a meditation on the meaning of a space and the comfort of chosen family.

Care, and the many ways it is typically given or received, continues to be one of the many aspects of life that has been windswept by the pandemic. With all of the changes to the various ways we access a space or a community to experience support, Poh explains: “I was interested in exploring ideas of safety and of the threads that bind people outside of a nuclear family. It felt important to depict relationships that don’t fit neatly into categories. When you find a chosen family, it can be platonic, romantic, and familial, all at once.”…

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