“KieranTimberlake: Threads of Inquiry”

Stephen Kieran and Jason E. Smith
“KieranTimberlake: Threads of Inquiry”
Presented with the Architecture and Urbanism Group

We believe architecture becomes full, more resonant and artful when underpinned by strong ethical positions. We will explore four ethical trajectories, THREADS OF INQUIRY, that guide our work. Each is dedicated to a vision for the future that is beautiful and sustainable in the most expansive sense of those terms.

INTEGRATION. This trajectory begins from the value we place on making architecture of quality and performance that is also affordable – an architecture of desire that confronts the productivity challenges that underlie construction.

RENEWAL. The built world we have inherited embodies not just valuable carbon, but also history and cultural memory. We here explore work that seeks an artful intervention and conversation across time through renewal and addition.

TRANSPARENCY. We embrace and confront the art of transparency in our search for a high-performance future for this long-held modern aspiration, guided by research and project-based exploration.

INTERSECTIONS. Lastly, we seek an architecture that integrates itself with the city, in which people, use, and place give form to and enhance one another. We explore this through urban works, including the new Vassar Street Graduate Housing.

Lectures are free and open to the public.



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