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4/8/19 [email protected] Panel Discussion with Artist Julie Mehretu

Panel Discussion with Artist Julie Mehretu Julie Mehretu, New York based artist Miriam Cooke, Professor Emerita, Duke University Asma Naeem, Curator,The Baltimore Museum of Art Nasser Rabbat, Director,...

[email protected] April 29, 2019 Panel Discussion with Harvey Molotch and Davide Ponzini

[email protected] April 29, 2019 • 6 pm • MIT Room 3-133 Panel Discussion with Harvey Molotch and Davide Ponzini, co-authors of “The New Arab...

[email protected] 3/11/19 Lecture A. Mridul / Shilpa Mridul

March 11 • 6 pm • MIT Room 3-133 Contemporizing Traditional Water Architecture Regeneration | Mainstreaming | Replication A. Mridul / Shilpa Mridul Architect / Entrepreneur See here for...

[email protected] Lecture by Allison Cuneo, [email protected] Post-Doctoral Fellow

February 25 • 6 pm • MIT Room 3-133 Rebuilding Architectural Heritage in Post-Conflict Mosul: Current Challenges, Considerations, and Case Studies source

Neil Thomas and Aran Chadwick, Atelier One, London : “Liquid Threshold” Part 2/2

October 2, 2014 Part of the MIT Department of Architecture Fall 2014 Public Lecture Series titled "Experiments in Architecture"A breath-taking journey, which extends from the...

AKPIA 10/22/18 Lecture

October 22 Lebanon and the Fog of Reconstruction: Between the Future and Survival Deen Sharp [email protected] 2018-19 Post-Dcotoral Fellow Bio & Abstract see here https://akpia.mit.edu/fall-2018-bios-and-abstracts#sharp source

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Film produced in 2011 by Stebs Schinnerrer, Paper Fortress Films. https://vimeo.com/47845783 source

Sheila Kennedy, “MIX MIX MAX MIN”

”We believe it is now timely to reopen the issue of matter and once again to give material factors their due in shaping society...