Kamala Ibrahim Ishag: States of Oneness

Speaking from her studio and home garden in Khartoum, Sudan, artist Kamala Ibrahim Ishag shares some of the memories and stories behind her work.

The artist also roots her practice around subjects including women, spiritualism, Zar ceremonies, plants and stories from her mother and grandmothers in relation to how she has experienced them.

‘Kamala Ibrahim Ishag: States of Oneness’ is now on view at Serpentine South. Find out more: https://www.serpentinegalleries.org/whats-on/kamala-ibrahim-ishag/

Director and Producer – Suzannah Mirghani
Cinematographer – Khalid Awad
Editors – Abdelrahim Kattab and Suzannah Mirghani
Sound Mixing and Colour Grading – Abdelrahim Kattab
Production Company – Klozium Studios
Camera Assist – Abdalbagi Alameen
Gaffer and Sound Recordist – Burhan Tame
Production Manager – Alaa Aboualyousr
Driver – Abdallah Noor
Original Music Composer – Sulaf Elyas
Arabic Subtitle Translation – Amin Isaac
Content Producer, Serpentine – Fiona Glen
Senior Editor and Curator of Editorial Projects, Serpentine – Hanna Girma



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