JooYoun Paek and David Jimison

Joo Youn Paek, David Jimison, and Daniel Bauen
Introduction by Mark Shepard
Recorded October 9, 2009

Presented as part of the public program series organized in conjunction with the Architectural League’s fall 2009 exhibition Toward the Sentient City.

JooYoun Paek and David Jimison discuss building high tech robotic street furniture meant to fail every time. The talk focuses on their research into street furniture in New York City public parks, efforts to mimic the aesthetics of public design, and the potential for sentient objects in the everyday and mundane. “Too Smart City,” their project for the League’s exhibition Toward the Sentient City, posits a set of “intelligent” street furniture that behaves in unexpected ways.

JooYoun Paek is an artist and interaction designer born in Seoul and based in New York. She has created interactive objects and installations that reflect on human behavior, technology, and social change. Her art has been displayed by the Museum of Modern Art New York, Postmasters Gallery, EYEBEAM, Museum of Science Boston, and Seoul Museum of Art.

David Jimison’s work examines and develops modes of cultural opposition within urban living, and their relation to technologies. He has been the recipient of grants from Nokia, MTV, Kodak, and most recently a fellowship from Eyebeam. He is currently finishing a Ph.D. in Digital Media at Georgia Tech.



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