Jeff Kipnis, Tobias Rehberger – On Art and Architecture

Lecture date: 2011-02-25

Artist Talks Series

Jeff Kipnis is a familiar figure at the AA and he was awarded an Honorary AA Diploma in 2006. He is Professor of Architectural Design and Theory in the School of Architecture at Ohio State – a curator, filmmaker, designer, architectural critic and theoretician. Before he started to work with architects he once ran an art gallery.

Tobias Rehberger is a conceptual sculptor who invents tasks for others to carry out. What happens when craftsmen in Thailand are given the task of producing functioning cars with nothing but a sketch of a Porsche to guide them? A fully functional op-art café won him the Golden Lion for Best Artist at Venice in 2010. Rehberger produces functioning aesthetic objects that raise questions about how close we are to design and/or to architecture.


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