Javi Diaz: There Are Other Ways of Thinking About Spaces, of Thinking About Architecture

The architect behind Bandido Bali shares with us his unique journey in architecture, why we live in rigid boxes, and how bamboo can create a better living environment. Discover Bandido Bali: https://www.archdaily.com/1008591/bandido-bali-la-lourdes-and-la-matilde-villas-javi-diaz

00:08 Intro
00:20 What is Bandido Bali
01:02 What is architecture?
02:07 The path of your career in architecture
04:26 Learning to build in bamboo
05:27 Starting an architecture project in Indonesia
06:48 Modeling architecture 1:1
08:53 Building out of the -concrete- box
10:07 Traditional Balinese houses
11:12 Advice on how to build in Bali
11:55 How does this architecture improves the quality of life?



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