Jack Halberstam, Unworlding and Q&A at Queer Earth and Liquid Matters | Serpentine

Jack Halberstam’s talk looks at experiments in art, literature and architecture that try to unbuild and bewilder rather than develop and enlighten. Unworldling explores a different language for engaging with nature – one that recognises how that which is wild escapes from human desires to classify and contain. The wild, almost by definition, is what lies beyond, outside and around the human. It cannot become part of the human nor can it be captured by the human but it can be registered as present through a series of aesthetic, political and scientific gestures that confirm its presence. Wildness, in this talk, and by extension, nature, inheres to entropy, gravity, the random, the accidental, the unpredictable, the violent, and the uncertain.
Queer Earth and Liquid Matters is a Back to Earth LIVE programme curated by Macarena Gómez-Barris, Jack Halberstam and Kostas Stasinopoulos.

Presented in collaboration with Stone Nest and Queercircle.

00:00 – 03:23 The idea of Back to Earth and environmental collapse
03:23 – 11:37 Introducing the destroyed world and the absence of the human
11:37 – 15:20 Can we imagine the end of the world?
15:20 – 22:13 Figuring how to stop the world
22:13 – 27:56 Poor in world
27:56 – 30:40 Human-animal relations
30:40 -37:17 World Breaking
37:17 – 44:50 Unworlding
44:50 – 1:09:39 Q&A with Kostas Stasinopoulos



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