Introduction to Master Properties in After Effects | Adobe Creative Cloud

Learn how to create Master Properties using the Essential Graphics panel.

Download sample assets to follow along:

Create Master Properties to better control different versions of a motion graphic:

1. Open the main composition that contains the animation to customize.
2. Change the workspace to the Essential Graphics workspace.
3. Choose the composition to customize from the Master dropdown menu at the top of the Essential Graphics panel.
4. Click Solo Supported Properties to reveal customizable properties in the Timeline panel.
5. Drag and drop any properties to customize from the Timeline panel into the Essential Graphics Panel.
Tip: You can customize the name of any field you add to the Essential Graphics panel.

Customize the Master Properties of the composition:

1. Add the composition containing master properties into any other composition in the project.
2. Open Master Properties for the precomposition in the Timeline panel.
3. Change any Master Properties setting to customize the graphics for that composition.

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