Introducing Queer Earth and Liquid Matters, Day 2 | Serpentine

The co-curators of Queer Earth and Liquid Matters welcome us to the second day of the weekend-long, multidisciplinary festival. This programme brings together artists, writers, filmmakers, sound and architecture practitioners to explore decolonial and queer ecologies. Highlighting different voices and experiences of the climate emergency, the programme aims to complicate the binaries of Western knowledge often encountered in the environmental discourse. Specifically, Queer Earth and Liquid Matters sheds light on land and water struggles, foregrounds queer/trans Indigenous embodiment in the Global South and around the world. It explores visions and experiences of apocalypse and amplifies Indigenous refusal and outrage at the consequences of extractive capitalism.

Queer Earth and Liquid Matters is a Back to Earth LIVE programme curated by Macarena Gómez-Barris, Jack Halberstam and Kostas Stasinopoulos.

Presented in collaboration with Stone Nest and Queercircle.

00:00 – 02:15 Onward to day 2 programme – finding something new!
02:15 – 06:20 The Imagination of the elsewhere
06:20 – 09:47 Climate change and the attention to it!
09:47 – 13:20 The film – Nightfall on Gaia and how to face the crises
13:20 – 15:20 Let the fun begin



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