Intro to Slow-Motion Video Editing with Kristi Odom – 1 of 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud

Follow along with internationally acclaimed photographer Kristi Odom as she shares how to edit slow-motion video using Adobe Premiere Pro! Take the leap from still photos to video as Kristi shows you how to play with time using key-frames, freeze frames, ramping, and time-warp for your social media. Stick around for Day 2, where she’ll share her process of editing a campaign video for Nikon and behind-the-scenes stories of her one-woman shoot.

Guest: Kristi Odom is an internationally acclaimed photographer and motivational speaker based in Colorado: |

Host Wade Acuff is an artist and Adobe Live mentor based in Jackson, Mississippi:

Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:00 Intro to Kristi’s work
5:00 Kristi’s Instagram
11:35 Bringing in footage to Premiere Pro
12:40 Tips on frames per second
14:50 How Kristi got into photography
17:28 Creating a Sequence
21:07 Editing the Speed and Duration
22:07 Camera stabilization tips
23:15 Using the Razor Tool
28:50 Reordering chosen clips
32:15 Horizontal Flipping footage
34:48 Lumetri Color Panel
46:00 Looking at Kristi’s camera settings
57:47 Creating a new sequence
1:00:23 Does Kristi use an external mic?
1:08:35 Creating a new sequence
1:18:50 Adding music to a sequence
1:22:55 Using music markers
1:25:43 Fading music
1:27:00 Creating a TikTok video
1:28:10 Editing the position of a video clip
1:29:00 Working with Keyframes
1:31:30 Tips for exporting
1:33:55 Watching Kristi’s nature edit
1:42:27 Looking at Kristi’s Lr catalog
1:46:18 Exporting in Lightroom Classic
1:49:30 Creating a new sequence
1:51:50 Recap of Day 1

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Intro to Slow-Motion Video Editing with Kristi Odom – 1 of 2 | Adobe Creative Cloud


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