Inside Festival 2015: Tree House by MdAA

Massimo d’Alessandro explains how architecture practice MdAA transformed an old stable into an apartment by creating a treehouse-like room raised from the floor on a single column.

Tree House, which won the Residential category at Inside Festival 2015, is a luxury apartment in Trastevere, Rome, designed by Italian architecture firm MdAA .

Converted from an old abandoned stable, the project gets its name from its unusual raised bedroom, which is supported by a thick column in the middle of the open-plan living room on the ground floor.

“You enter from the door that was the entrance of the stable, just below the treehouse,” d’Alessandro explains in our latest movie for Inside Festival.

“You can see in the middle this suspended room, like a treehouse, which is the main bedroom.”

The bedroom is reached by a staircase on one side of the living room, which leads to a raised walkway that runs around the perimeter of the space.

Made from black metal, the raised structure also contains a small dressing room and a bathroom. The tilted column supporting it is covered with wood.

“The structure of the treehouse needed to be very rigid,” d’Alessandro explains.

“To sustain this kind of dream about the treehouse, the room is raised on only one column, slightly inclined because it’s much more friendly than just having a vertical pillar.”

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