Ingrid Gould Ellen

NIMBY vs YIMBY: Balancing Neighborhood Stability and Dynamism

February 11, 2020

A lecture by Ingrid Gould Ellen, Paulette Goddard Professor of Urban Policy and Planning, NYU Wagner and Faculty Director, NYU Furman Center

From gentrification to rent control and historic preservation, debates about urban policy hinge on how much weight we should give to residential and neighborhood stability. On the one hand, we want to let families remain in their homes over time, and we want to preserve the continuity and character of their neighborhoods. On the other, we also want to open up opportunities for new families to move into communities, to allow for choice and growth and to break up the segregated living patterns that characterize U.S. cities and suburbs. Drawing on both normative and empirical analysis, this paper explores how to balance these competing goals in the context of policy reforms addressing gentrification, growth controls and historic preservation.

Organized by Columbia GSAPP‘s Urban Planning Program as part of the Lectures in Planning Series



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