Improve Your Life – Manuel Collado, Nacho Martin Mi5

27th November 2014
Evening Lectures

Through a catalogue of Mi5 architectural situations we’ll explain how to enhance your life re-describing the relations between the users, their bodies and the spaces. Since we started working we believe that design decisions must be oriented to intensify life; because our discipline is too often dedicated to its own self autopsy. Our work is always looking for situations amplifying our powers to perceive an augmented reality. We vindicate the architect as someone capable to envision new hidden energies in order to offer them to the users. If you want to change your architectural habits come and listen!
Manuel Collado Arpia & Nacho Martín Asunción are founders of the Madrid-based office Mi5 architects, they obtained their PhD at ETSAM in 2013. They have won and built several competitions, and their work has been published in a wide range of media. They teach at various institutions and since 2012 they’re AA Unit Masters. They have also participated in several juries, lectures and exhibitions such as the Venice Biennale, RIBA, GD-NYU and Off Biennale 2014.


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