Illustration Masterclass with Kyle T. Webster – Digital Inking

In this special Masterclass for Lightbox 2020, Kyle will show you the right brushes to use for various inking styles in Photoshop and Fresco. You will also learn how to take advantage of special effects brushes for textures, backgrounds, and patterns.
00:00 Start
2:10 Creating a Custom Brush
10:50 Using Smoothing
16:00 Discussing the Tilt Ability
20:55 Talking About Rough Inkers
24:25 How to Black Fill
27:20 Comic Inker Brushes
34:20 Spatter Brushes
37:00 Creating a Window Pattern
42:50 Foliage Brushes
45:50 Vector Trimming in Fresco
49:55 Cross Hatching in Fresco
55:00 Watercolor in Fresco



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