Illustration Masterclass – The Spring 2022 Brushes for Photoshop and Adobe Fresco!

#digitalart #photoshop #digitalpainting
Join Kyle T. Webster for an in-depth look at the Spring 2022 brush set. Kyle will create an illustration from scratch using these powerful and versatile brushes.


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To watch with Subtitles/closed captions, click the CC icon in the lower-right corner.
01:50 New Spring 2022 Brushes
03:30 Recreation of prior illustration
05:08 The Marshal brush – color dynamics
07:16 Pellet brush
09:22 Woodchop Joey
13:18 Chef Maltese brush
17:08 Smitty brush
18:08 Using the lasso tool for tree trunks selections
21:05 Pushing elements back in space by adjusting color/opacity
24:03 Cleaning up edges using the tilde (~) key
26:29 Adding a larger tree with the lasso selection method
31:48 Adding tree details – varying shapes
38:01 Working with clipping masks
42:20 Adding foliage and shrubbery
45:22 Foliage for the background – Sauvy Inky brush
49:14 Editing a areas – adding color to unify
51:13 Adding a figure into the scene – lasso selection technique
52:34 Figure details – using leaf brushes to obfuscate the figure’s legs
55:08 Wrap up


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