5 YouTube Tips I’ve Learned From Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon & Phil DeFranco

I watch a lot of YouTube creators like Casey Neistat, Peter McKinnon and Phil DeFranco to learn how to be a better creator and YouTube host. Here are my top 5 things you can do to grow you audience. What do the best Youtuber creators have in common? What can you learn from what they do? How can you be more engaging and dynamic on camera to grow an audience? What can you do to attract more viewers and have higher engagement online?

The world needs your voice. Youtube and video content is a great place to get your voice and message out to the world. Here are some tips.

00:33 Thumbnails. Make engaging thumbnails to draw viewers in.
01:08 Start with a cold open. Start on action and don’t worry about having a linear storyline. Jump into the story where it’s interesting.
02:40 Tell people what you’re going to tell them. Tell them why they should care.
02:48 Elevate your on-air persona. Being remarkable and unforgettable. Think about your wardrobe and visual props to build your personal brand.
04:40 Develop a catchphrase that is memorable. It’s your signature phrase.
04:55 Be patient. Build high quality content that people would actually pay to watch. Leverage your experience and stories into your channel.
06:27 Design content to be sharable. Stir emotions. Have a point of view. Be passionate and don’t worry about turning some people off. Does it have broad or universal appeal?

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