Illustrating Horror Characters with Robotpencil – 2 of 2

Join Art Director & Educator Anthony Jones aka Robotpencil as he designs horror characters in Photoshop! This week, Anthony will share his pro-tips on managing your creativity during difficult times and finding optimism in an uncertain world.

Guest Anthony Jones aka Robotpencil is an Art Director & Educator based in Irvine, CA:

Host Sam Peterson is a concept artist, illustrator & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based out of Los Angeles:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
1:50 Robotpencil’s Artwork Intro
4:40 Robotpencil’s Time Management Plan
15:45 Talking about Hotkeys
26:05 How Sam and AJ Got into Concept Art
44:45 Robotpencil’s Brushes
1:17:00 Robotpencil’s Painting Process
1:25:15 How AJ uses reference material
1:31:20 Ps Daily Creative Challenge Reviews
1:49:05 Final Thoughts, Outro