Character Design with Sam Peterson – 1 of 2

Join illustrator Sam Peterson & Host Anna Davisourt as they explore the world of character design in Adobe Photoshop! This week Sam will share time saving tips and tricks as he showcases his full design process from drawing to painting.

Guest Sam Peterson is a concept artist, illustrator and Adobe Live moderator based in Los Angeles, CA:

Host Anna Daviscourt is an illustrator and former Adobe Creative Resident based in Portland:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
2:25 Intro to Sam ‘s Current Work
4:45 What Today’s Stream is About
7:45 Checking Out Sam’s Thumbnail Sketches
12:30 Gesture Sketching
14:45 Discussing Values to Color
17:40 Basic Shapes in Sketching
29:50 Using the Warp Tool
33:05 Sam’s Favorite Hotkeys
39:18 Using Perspective Guides in Sketching
41:43 Is Sam Self-Taught?
47:10 Sam’s Drawing Hardware
1:05:55 Costume Design
1:21:00 File Resolution that Sam Works in
1:31:50 How to Make a Clipping Mask
1:37:00 Artist Spotlight
1:48:30 Talking About Tomorrow’s Stream
1:49:15 How to Turn Your Canvas Black and White
1:52:20 How to Select a Single Color on Your Canvas



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