Illustrating a Cheeseburger with Tyler Pate – 1 of 2

Join illustrator Tyler Pate and host VooDoo Val on Adobe Live! Watch Tyler dive into the vector design for a delicious, massively stacked cheeseburger in Adobe Illustrator emphasizing perspective and dimension. Stick around to see how Tyler adds textures to his design in Adobe Photoshop.

Guest Tyler Pate is an art director/graphic designer, illustrator, and all-around creative from Florence, SC:

Host VooDoo Val is a Creative Streamer & Community Moderator for Adobe Live based in Sacramento:
Join us LIVE on Behance:

00:00 Start
6:10 Work Starts – Burger Illustration
15:11 Adding Color to the Bun and Lettuce
17:50 How Tyler Problem Solves Learning His Tools
19:00 Adding the Cheese
24:25 Tyler and Val’s Favorite Tools / Features
30:50 Adding the Ketchup
44:50 Adding Detail to the Bun
49:15 Creating Tomatoes
1:20:30 Creating the Burger Patty
1:30:46 Portfolio Reviews
1:50:20 Stream Review



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