I Made It Difficult, Here’s WHY! (BIG Towers)

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This video draws inspiration from the Walter Towers, designed by BIG. Although the structure’s shape isn’t particularly complex and doesn’t require the use of Grasshopper, I aim to demonstrate a specific method to achieve this design. This tutorial is intended to help you grasp how to match various Data Tree structures. Working with Data Trees is often a significant challenge for both beginners and intermediate Grasshopper users, leading many to give up. Through this example, we’ll explore creating a parametric building while mastering Data Trees and data matching techniques. By the end, you’ll have learned how to construct a parametric building with adjustable features like the number of towers, spacing, height, curvature, and more.

In the extended version of the video, we’ll create another tower, drawing inspiration from the initial example. We’ll reuse the shape from the first example as a facade element, mirroring it in various directions to achieve a wavy facade effect. The highlight will be designing the slabs, where you’ll discover the IsoVist component and how to use it specifically for generating the floors of this tower in our example.

Walter Towers: https://big.dk/projects/walter-towers-5457

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