"I always feel like the fraud in the room" says Faye Toogood | | VDF x Friedman Benda

British designer Faye Toogood discusses her unconventional career path and the story of her latest collection in this video interview as part of our ongoing collaboration with Friedman Benda for VDF.

“I always feel like the person that didn’t train, that didn’t go to the RCA, and didn’t know what I was doing,” Toogood revealed to curator, Glenn Adamson, in the Design in Dialogue talk.

Dezeen has partnered with New York gallery Friedman Benda to publish a selection of the best conversations with leading creatives from the Design in Dialogue series as part of Virtual Design Festival throughout May and June.

Toogood is best known as the founder of Studio Toogood, whose work spans a diverse range of disciplines such as sculpture and fashion.

Her interview with Friedman Benda is the second conversation published as part of VDF, during which she discusses how her degree in History of Art and early career as an editor for The World of Interiors magazine impacted her direction and feelings as a designer.

She also gave an insight into the stories behind some of her past works, such as Assemblage Five, before discussing her latest collection, Assemblage Six: Unlearning, for the first time.

Toogood cites the names of the two furniture collections as examples of her experience of imposter syndrome.

“Someone once asked me why they’re called assemblages,” Toogood explained.

“Because I didn’t train and design, I always feel like the fraud in the room. I didn’t call them collections because I didn’t feel that was worthy of the word collection”.

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