How to Work on Personal Projects After Working A Full Time Job

Sharif wants to work on his personal portfolio but works a full time job and loses focus and confidence. How can he stay motivated despite working a full time job? He’d rather spend his free time playing video games, watching movies and relaxing, so how can he find the energy to work on his side hustle?

03:25 Enjoy the process vs. the end result. It’s important to have big goals, but it’s more important the person you become in the pursuit of that goal.
04:10 Combine your hobbies and interests to blur the lines of what is hobby and work.
05:10 In order to get what you want, you have to be willing to give up something. In other words, to get what you don’t have, you will have to do something you’ve not done.
06:15 My dad’s advice. Life is long. The time to achieve what you want is short. Concentrate now (give up the short term rewards) for the long term gain.
10:00 The sacrifices I made (things I enjoyed) for the things I wanted (my career).
11:45 Does your job feel like its sucking your soul? If so, perhaps you need to find another job?

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