How to Use Social Media to Grow your Business w/ Mark Fidelman

Chris and Jose talk with Author, CEO and columnist Mark Fidelman to discuss his book SOCIALIZED! and how some of the most successful businesses leverage social media.

More About Our Guest:

Mark provides an insider’s view of the modern business world based on his years of experience working as an executive and consultant within the Global 3000. He is the CEO of RaynForest, an Influencer Marketing Network, and the author of Socialized! which some call “the playbook for Social Business”.

LinkedIn –
Twitter – @markfidelman @raynforest


02:40 Socialize: How to become a social media content powerhouse.
03:24 Q: Why is social media so powerful?
05:10 Learn how to rise above the noise and provide compelling content.
06:18 Q: What’s a good core framework for great content?
07:40 Q: What happens when you give your customers what they want?
08:29 Q: What are some of the challenges companies face in keeping a consistent narrative?
10:05 Q: How do we grow our youtube audience?
11:30 Q: What are the obstacles in being more open via social media?
12:55 Q: What would you say to the CEO of a company that’s reluctant to investing in social media marketing?
14:55 8 Simple activities for creative content.
17:20 Q: Where should a freelance designer start on social media?
19:46 Changing the creative culture from secrecy to sharing.
22:38 Q: What’s your take on video becoming the new blog/website?
24:00 Q: Defining your personal brand. Educate or entertain
25:51 Q: How do you enroll a company into a culture of sharing on social media?
27:30 Jose’s Final Thoughts: Learn what your audience wants. Provide Value.
28:44 Mark’s Final Thoughts: Tell a great story, and make it visually beautiful.
29:30 Chris’s Final Thoughts: Be Transparent, show the process (flaws and all), grow relationships.


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