How To Stand Out From Other Architecture Firms (One Important Key)

When pursuing new work, most architecture firms struggle to stand apart from the competition.

This creates a sea of look-alike firms that make it difficult for clients to choose one firm over another.

Without a significant differentiator, clients resort to less important criteria like price or who they like better to make a decision.

For instance, a few years ago I was sitting on a committee to select the architecture firms that would be eligible to do over $100 million of work for our local school district.

As each firm came in and did their dog and pony show, one thing that struck me was how similar all the firms seemed.

Six of the firms had great presentations, but between these six firms, it was difficult to make a further selection.

In today’s video, I talk about how specialization has created insulated silos in the architecture industry.

Because of this, individual players have lost sight of the bigger picture of how their service affects the whole.

One easy way to stand out from the pack is to always take the larger picture of the eco-system in which your client is operating, whether you work for home owners doing residential work, or businesses and organizations.

Very few firms deeply understand and implement this concept; do so and you’ll be ahead.



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